Frequently asked questions

Do you keep a wait list?

No, we do not keep a wait list. Our experience with using a wait list in the past is it is a huge waste of our time. Most families looking for a kitten want one "now". If none available, will find one somewhere else. Families interested in a quality kitten will keep in touch with us, will fill out added information on our kitten form. Email me to confirm I have received their form. They are willing to watch our website for upcoming kittens born and contact me right away when they see they have arrived. Our kittens are worth waiting for and get spoken soon after the first photos posted.

What is the process of acquiring a kitten? Please do not fill out our kitten form until we have available kittens.

Please make sure your email address is correct when filling out our kitten form or I cannot get back to you. Please email if I  have not responded to your kitten form.