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Everly/Courageous Kittens Born
September 17th 2023


8 Week Vet exam and vaccination ___2023 Dr. Monson DVM.

12 Week Vet exam w/vaccination ____2023  Dr. Monson DVM.

Scheduled pickup day is the day after the kittens' 12 week old Vet exam from our Veterinarian. A $25.00 a day fee will be charged after that date if the kitten is not picked up on our scheduled pickup day, no exceptions. Too many different pickup days takes away from our family time. We have our Vet examine the kittens at 12 weeks to confirm the health of the kitten before going to their new homes.

11 Days Old 9/28/23


#1 Female, Normal Paws


#2 Male, Blue Smoke, Normal Paws

#3 PP.jpg

#3 Male Blue Smoke, Poly Paws

#4 PP.jpg

#4 Male White Poly Paws


#5 Male White Poly Paws, 

Courageous Everly 23.jpg

Courageous/ Everly

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