Camelia Kittens Born November 13th 2021

8 Week Vet exam and vaccination Jan. 10th, 2022 Dr. Monson DVM.
12 Week Vet exam w/vaccinations Feb. 7th,2022 Dr. Monson DVM.

10 Weeks 1/22/2022

#1 "Alfie" Male Poly Paw~ Reserved~ The Ramos Family

Blue 10.jpg

#2 "Blue Angel" Female, Normal Paw, white~ Staying @ Mora TopLine

Love 10.jpg

#3 "Love" Female, Poly Paw, Bluesilver Mkl w/White~ Staying @ MoraTopLine

Pebbles 10.jpg

#4 "Pebbles" Female, Poly Paw Silver Mackerel w/white ~Reserved~ The Umbreen Family

Snowy 10.jpg

#5 "Snowy" Female, Poly Paw  Blue silver w/White~ Reserved~ The Elder Family

Prosper camelia.jpg
Alfie 10 .jpg