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Check back with us in October for our next litter. Please read all the information below. Thank you.

Gracie/Prosper Kitten Photos

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Mora TopLine Maine Coons

Pricing for kittens sold as pets:

1750.00 with spay/neuter, health guarantee contract.We do not allow the kitten/cat to be declawed (this is also stated in our legal contract).

Please fill out our kitten form on our home page if  you are interested in an available kitten. Make sure you put your accurate email on the kitten form or we cannot get back to you. Check your spam folder or email me if you have not heard back from me. Do not fill out the kitten form unless we have kittens available.

We do not keep a wait list. If you are interested in a kitten please watch our website kitten page. I will post here when they arrive.Kittens get spoken for very quickly.

Deposit is 750.00, Deposit will NOT be refunded if the buyer(s) cancel their request. The breeder reserves the exclusive right to cancel any agreement even after a deposit and contract is signed with no recourse. The breeder's decision is final with regards to the kitten. A full refund of money down will be given if the breeder chooses to cancel reservation of the kitten. Kitten must be paid in advance in full before going to new homes.

We do not "HOLD" or accept deposits on kittens not yet born.We begin accepting deposits when kittens are three weeks old . A kitten "On HOLD" is one spoken for while waiting for deposit to be sent. Reserved is a kitten with a deposit accepted.

ALL cats/kittens are guaranteed to be FeLV and FIV negative at time of purchase. We do not vaccinate for these virus's however, that is an option for the purchaser to do.

The kitten will be vaccinated with the needed vaccinations and have at least one vet visit. you will receive Veterinarian health exam certificate and vaccination record.

All our breeding cats are tested for HCM, SMA and PKDef. 

We will hold CFF registration application papers until you email proof of  Vet. certificate of spay/neuter. No later than 7 Months.

We will not allow a kitten to leave us until we feel the kitten is fully ready and mature enough to go to a new home. This is not negotiable! The average age for our Maine Coon kittens is 12-16 weeks.

 I will post weekly photos and/or videos of kittens on my website and/or facebook so you can watch them grow. 

  I will provide written guidelines/instructions to help you care for the cat/kitten and make myself available should any questions arise. 

We will have available for purchase brand new carriers for your kitten to go home in. Added 65.00 for soft carrier case if your kitten is being delivered or shipped (Please let me know in advance if you plan to purchase a carrier from us). Buyers pay ALL shipping fees/expenses.

No used carriers  allowed to be brought in for pick up day. Your new Kitten does not need to feel intimidated by the scent and hair of another animal. 

Kitten will have a blanket with the scent from his dam and siblings to help provide a good transition.

Our cats/kittens are fed a raw diet mixed with feline instincts (my natural cat) we encourage families to continue to feed this raw diet and have it made in advance before bringing kitten home.

          Make payment using PayPal (after you are approved)

Please make payment as personal or additional fees will be applied back to you.