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We feed our Cats/Kittens a raw diet

Diet is the brick and mortar of health. Cats are carnivores and need meat. Feline Nutrition

Dry foods are full of fillers and ingredients that are dangerous to the long term health of your cat. Please read.

We recommend Feline Instincts My Natural Cat.

We require you have this made in advance before bringing your kitten to their new home.

You will notice the positive difference in their health, their coat, the size and smell of droppings in the litterbox.

Raw Diet Maine Coon Cat

Watch video here : My natural cat mixed with water and salmon oil.  Add raw ground turkey (Grind yourself or get from your local meat market)(ground turkey is easier to digest), mix together (The recipe is on the bag of My Natural Cat) Put in ziplock  freezer bags. Freeze for three days before feeding (if possible, not necessary). Take out as needed the night before use. 

At age 4 months my kitties are eating each approx. 1/2 cup twice a day.

Our adult male eats approx. 3/4-1 Cup twice a day.

You can also cut up chunks of raw chicken for an added treat or add to mixture after they have adjusted to their new home (Do not change their diet and do not offer treats the first couple weeks after arriving to your home, it will upset their digestion with the added stress of moving to a new home).

The recipe is on the bag of My Natural Cat.. We use ground Turkey.

Raw Diet Maine Coon Cat
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