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Our Story

Mora TopLine Maine Coons

We, Brian and Cynthia (Cindy) Swanson live on a 106 acre hobby farm in Mora Minnesota U.S.A. God Blessed us with four wonderful children and nine awesome grandchildren.

We started breeding Boxer dogs in 2003 (The beginning of Mora TopLine Boxers) after our children grew up and flew the nest.We were blessed in meeting the right people along the way, thus producing quality, breed standard, health tested boxers. We started showing in AKC conformation events in 2008 after meeting Stanley and Jane Flowers of Evergreen Boxers. They professionally handled/ finished Champions for us. It was exhilarating watching our boxers in the ring, winning best of breed.

It has been a joy and passion of ours to raise these beautiful, wonderful dogs. Every litter born into our hands and lovingly cared for until they went onto their new homes. We have met so many wonderful families that added a Mora Topline Boxer to their family, we loved seeing their smiling faces when they were able to hold their new addition for the first time. Many continue to keep in touch with us sending updates, photos and Christmas cards. We greatly appreciate that and love hearing from them.

After 15 years of breeding boxers we have decided to slowly retire from breeding/showing dogs. It is very time-consuming caring for this many dogs on an everyday basis, along with weekend shows and continuous training. It has taken away from our family time.

We have always loved animals and enjoy bringing happiness to families looking for a quality pet.

Cindy began researching about the possibility of breeding cats (a more independent, house pet) she found an admiration for the Maine Coon. The fact they are dog like in character was a plus to their beauty and temperament. A"Gentle Giant" sought after for their intelligence. She then began researching for reputable breeders of Maine Coon cats and found Phyllis in Georgia, a breeder with a long history/knowledge of breeding/showing the Maine Coon. Thank you, Phyllis, for your mentorship in our breeding program of the Magnificent Maine Coon Cat.  

We strongly feel God has guided us in this new journey. We are extremely thrilled, looking forward to this new adventure.

 Mora TopLine Maine Coons

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