Referrals from some of the wonderful families that have added a Mora TopLine Maine Coon to their family.

We highly recommend Mora TopLine Maine Coons!  You will not find more thoughtful and intentional people than Cindy and Brian.  In addition to their impeccable breeding standards and practices, Cindy and Brian welcomed us into their home, encouraged us to ask questions and to interact with our kitten, Stella, and patiently answered our many questions.  We have had several Maine Coons and several dogs.  Our experience with Mora TopLine Maine Coons is among our very best pet experiences.  Stella came home well socialized and litter trained.  She was quick to settle in and has a perfect disposition.  Stella is confident, friendly and playful - the perfect kitten! Cindy stays in touch with us, showing a wonderful interest in Stella's well-being and health.  We couldn't be happier! The Kestner Family

We are ever so grateful for Cindy and Brian for our kitten Tessie!  We absolutely adore her and we highly recommend them as breeders. The whole process was so easy and you can certainly tell how much they care about their kittens!  Whenever we have questions or need anything Cindy responds quickly and is extremely helpful. We loved the fact that she took the time to put pictures of her weekly on Facebook to see Tessie’s growth!  And when we picked her up everything was so thorough. Our Tessie is intelligent , (she comes when you call for her and she will relentlessly play fetch!), she is also so affectionate and loving, and she is absolutely beautiful! Our veterinarian even commented on how beautiful she is and exceptionally healthy! If and when we get another Maine Coon  we would not hesitate an instant to adopt from them again. Their cats are magnificent!  Thanks so much Cindy and Brian!  The Ceaglske Family

I purchased two Maine coon kittens from Mora Topline Maine Coon. The entire process was flawless. The website was updated weekly so I could watch my kitties grow. We were provided all of the necessary records, and information needed for a smooth transition. We couldn’t be more pleased with our interaction with the breeder. It was apparent the kittens and their parents were loved. The kittens came well socialized and litter box trained! Highly recommended by the Thoeny family!

We purchased a beautiful Maine Coon kitten and would highly recommend Mora TopLine Maine Coons to anyone looking for a Maine Coon fur baby to add to their family. We picked up Oscar 3 weeks ago and he has been an absolute joy!
He is the most loving kitten we’ve ever had. He loves to play and watch birds
outside. He gives kisses and loves to cuddle with you. He chirps when he is happy which is all the time. Unlike most cats, Oscar doesn’t run and hide when a stranger comes into our home instead he greets them usually by patting them with his big feet! The owners of Mora TopLine Maine Coons, Brian and Cindy, truly care for their cats and kittens, which you can see by the pictures on their website and Facebook page and the care that’s taken selecting the families to adopt their babies. If we ever decide to get a second kitten in the future Mora TopLine Maine Coons is the only place we would go.
Terry & Judy Tolbert

We purchased a Maine Coon kitten from Mora Topline Maine Coons in April of 2019, and he has been the best, loving, and beautiful baby that we have ever had in all of the years that I have had kittens. It is evident that he was well cared for, well-loved and completely interacted with by his people as he is so well adjusted, and not afraid of anything! He is such a handsome boy, and we are thrilled to get to love on him the rest of his life. I highly recommend these breeders to anyone looking for a loving new forever furry family member. Do not hesitate to consider them for your next kitten.

Wayne and Robyn Kuntzmann

Oregon City, OR 

 I have spent real money on dogs but I haven’t for a cat. I am SO glad I did. My little Simon is so personable, playful and smart! When he plays, he is so careful not to poke you with his claws. He took charge of my Great Dane on the first day and now they are best of friends. Again, my Simon is a very smart animal. There is a lot of fur to snuggle into too, which he does at night.  I would highly recommend the kittens from  Mora TopLine Maine Coons Cattery. The Gainsley Family