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Glory/Prosper Kittens Born October 24th 2021

8 Week Vet exam and vaccination Dec. 22nd, 2021 Dr. Monson DVM.
12 Week Vet exam w/vaccinations Jan. 19th,2022 Dr. Monson DVM.

(Because of Covid  we will NOT be allowing families into our home as we have in the past. We will be meeting you outdoors on our covered porch for pickup day.  Sorry for the inconvenience).

12 Week 1-16-2022


#1 "Khaleesi" Female, Poly Paw~ Paid In Full~ The  Kasper Family


#2 "Olive" Female, Normal Paw ~Paid In Full~" The Keller Family


#3 "Greta" Female, Normal  Paw~ Paid In Full ~The Homan Family

Briar Rose.jpg

#4 "Briar"Rose" Female, Poly Paw~ Paid In Full~ The Auers Family


#5 "Loki" Male, Normal Paw~ Paid In Full~ The Begley Family 


#6 "Trjegul" Male, Poly Paw ~Paid In Full~ The Straarup Family


#7 "Moose" Male, Poly Paw~ Paid In Full~ The Crotteau Family


#8  "Sterling" Male, Poly Paw~ Reserved~ The Urie Family

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