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Mora TopLine Maine Coons

Thank you for choosing a Mora TopLine Maine Coon. Here are some helpful ideas and suggestions we believe are important in raising a balanced Maine Coon.

We recommend you have a room or area set up in your home for your new kitten before they arrive. It is not good to let them have the full run of your house when they first arrive. They need to learn where their cat box is and how to get back to it. They need to feel safe while adjusting  to the new smells of their new home.  After a day or so..Slowly allow them more space, making sure they always know how to get back to their cat box.. Here is a video you may find helpful for introducing your new kitten to your older cat or dog.  Video

Food Required Above all.. Please continue to feed the raw diet we have weaned your kitten cat to. Changing homes is a highly stressful time for your kitten/cat. Changing their diet too quickly at this time will mess up their digestion system and can cause extreme health issues.  Have the recipe made in advance and in your freezer before you bring home your new kitten. We recommend to freeze it three days before thawing in your fridge to feed to your kitten/cat. Take it out of freezer the night before you are ready to feed. We feed twice a day. The Recipe is on our website Raw Diet.   Fresh water available at all times. We recommend Ceramic or stainless steel dishes. Never plastic. Use a plate instead of a bowl for food. Cats do not like their whiskers touching while they eat.

It is best when first bringing your kitten home to use ground turkey for meat, it is most easily digested. We also add chunks of raw chicken for added treat later (Wait until they adjust to your new home before adding). Do not give your new kitten processed treats, or any other food especially the first couple weeks of going to their new home. It will upset their digestion and make them sick.

It is normal for a kitten to go off food the first day of going to a new home because of stress. We have well water here. If you have city water please offer kitten bottled water instead. 

Cat litter and pans. We like to use the covered cat pans  for our adult cats, some kittens do not like a cover until they get older .We always keep the flap up or off  so the kittens can go in and out without pushing the flap to get in the covered box. You can also use a large cat mat or a rug, these are both helpful to reduce the tracking of litter all over the floor. This is the  Cat litter  and this litter we use. (Do NOT use lightweight litter it can cause respiratory issues) We recommend starting with the same litter on first arrival to their new home. You will need a scoop for cleaning cat box daily. It is important to clean box daily to see if everything is coming out ok.. it is a good way to know the health of your cat.  I also like to use these bags  for disposal.

Carrier Required  You will need to buy a brand new carrier for bringing home your new kitten. No used carriers allowed to be brought in for pickup day. Your new kitten does not need to feel intimidated by the scent and hair of another animal. A carrier is helpful for safely transferring your kitten later on to and from your vet. Kittens weigh approximately between 3-5 lbs. at 12 weeks. We recommend this carrier  from amazon. It is good for your growing Maine Coon. (If you are purchasing two kittens from us this case is good for transporting  both kittens home and to your Vet . You will need two when they are full grown).  We will have available Delta carriers for sale for $65.00 if you are transporting your 12-16 week kitten with you on a plane (it is an airline approved case, let us know ahead if you plan to purchase one from us). For our adult cats we use this carrier or a plastic dog carrier for over bring our cats/kittens to our Vet. For kittens we use this case from Chewy.

Scratching Post We will start the training of your kitten to use a scratching post instead of furniture. It is important to continue to do this. Our cats like this post.  Find a cat tree that is large enough to support an adult Maine Coon Cat, Purrniture (made in Minnesota) & CatTreeKing makes good quality Cat Trees for a large Maine Coon, we also have This One from chewy ..they are small for mature Maine Coons but we still find them curled up in them, it works great for kittens . A cat tree is where your cat will prefer to sleep when not with you.

Grooming We use a toe nail clipper to trim nails (adults once a month, kittens more often). We bathe our cats/kittens when needed. We use blue dawn dish soap to remove oily coat,  rinse well then Shampoo  make sure again to rinse well. Because we feed raw diet, there is little grooming to do. Comb often.  Our females keep themselves tidy, just an occasional bath, nail trim, and a little combing  after is required. 

Toys Our cats love these Plastic Colorful Springs .   Kittens love this, This Tunnel   This is a favotite.  Any wand with feathers, laser pointer (Most favorite), or whatever to chase around. Another favorite chase toy. I do not recommend toys with catnip for young kittens as some can cause respiratory issues in young kittens.

Let me know of product/items your cat/kittens enjoy.  Email:

If you have been pleased with your experience with us and the quality of our Maine Coons, we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to give us a good review on google (Link Here)               

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or a emailed referral letter with photos of your beautiful kitten/cat to post on our website. Please email to If you have already done so we Thank you very much! It helps future families know what to expect when adding a Mora TopLine Maine Coon to their family. That we are a legitimate cattery. There are too many scams portraying as a reputable cattery, families are losing money, scammed and are heartbroken thinking they are getting a healthy Maine Coon kitten. Thank you for your part in making other families know about us. Much appreciated!

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