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Gracie/ Prosper Kittens Born March 12, 2021

8 week Vet checkup with vaccinations 5/7/21 With Dr. Monson DVM

12 week Vet checkup with vaccinations 6/4/21 With Dr. Monson DVM

(Because of Covid  we will NOT be allowing families into our home as we have in the past. We will be meeting you outdoors on our covered porch for pickup day.  Sorry for the inconvenience).

10.5 Weeks  5/25/21 

Gucci Make a wish.jpg

"Gucci" Normal Paw Female~ On "Hold" for Dakota

Marceline Home.jpg

"Marceline" Poly Paw Female~ Reserved The Lemke Family

Saja home.jpg

"Saja" Poly Paw Female~ Reserved The Sollie Family

Grayson Home.jpg

" Grayson"  Poly Paw Male~ Paid In Full~The Stoltenberg Family

John 10.5.jpg
John Home.jpg

"John Dough" Poly Paw Male ~Reserved The Westberg Family

Charisma10 weeks.jpg

"Charisma" Normal Paw Female~ Staying @ Mora TopLine

1 Day

1 day.JPG


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